A Face that Radiates the Holy Spirit

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There were a few times when I wanted to post something on this blog but I didn’t feel that it was something the Holy Spirit wanted me to post. So I waited and this morning I was led to write.

Over the past thirty or so years that I’ve been a Christian I have gone through many stages. I believe it’s like that for most everyone.

Many years ago I attended a small church on the island of Saipan. There was an elderly woman who attended that church and I’ve never been able to forget her. Small in stature, she had beautiful long grey hair that she kept up in a little granny bun. She never wore make-up and usually always wore a long island print dress or skirt. She dressed simply and beautifully but the reason I shall never forget her was because of her face. She glowed with a seemingly supernatural peace. You could see the Holy Spirit radiating from her. I have from time to time encountered elderly like her but she was truly glowing with the spirit like I have never seen before.

Her face was so beautifully at peace and the first time I saw her I thought-I want to be like that when I am old. I want to have walked with the Lord for so long that the Spirit of God shines out through my very pores.

I have thought about her many times. Scripture says that the Lord knows all our thoughts so I know that He knew what I was thinking. He began to speak to me about how it is that one ends up in their old age with a “face that radiates the Holy Spirit”.

Exodus 34:29 ” When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the Testimony in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the LORD.”

When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai his face was radiant after speaking with the Lord. Spending time in the Lord’s presence is the way we will end up radiating His spirit. There is no other way.

And let me just say- this isn’t about physical looks….hopefully you understand that.

I began to understand that the only way we would be transformed would be to seek His presence continually and constantly.

I began to understand that the true life of a Christian is a life of prayer. Not hurried prayer said halfheartedly before a meal or when you are dead tired at the end of the day.

I’m talking about real, gut wrenching prayer.

It took me years to be led into a life of real prayer but once I got to the point…it was life changing.

I now understand the term -pray without ceasing because I do. This life of prayer I have been led into consumes me. I have many days when I pray almost all day long. I pray while I’m doing my chores, cooking, walking to the store..sitting on a bus or a train. I pray in the bath tub,while I am working on a crochet project, while I’m in my garden…I pray out loud and I pray in the spirit. I am constantly in prayer. Prayer over my family, over friends, over the lost …prayer over everything.

I am obsessed with prayer, I feel such an urgency to pray for those who don’t know the Lord. I am fully aware that I will stand in front of the King of Kings one day soon and have to give an account for how I spent my time. Whether or not I told the lost about Him…whether or not I prayed for the lost.

There are so many lost in my circle of influence and I agonize over thoughts of them being cast into outer darkness…

This is the way…the way to radiating the Holy Spirit. It comes through gut wrenching prayer. It comes through spending hours in His presence listening to Him, being directed by His Holy Spirit and doing, putting into action what He has laid upon your heart.

I have a ways to go but He is leading….and I know His voice and I follow Him.

4 thoughts on “A Face that Radiates the Holy Spirit

  1. Amen!

    There is one thing I ask, this only do I seek, to dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of ADONAI, and to meditate in His Temple. from Psalm 27:4

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  2. Well said. YWHW is leading my life in this direction as well. But also urging me to dig into His word. Not just accept the teachings of the church as many of those teachings are not correct.

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